Review: Dept. H #1


Every so often a series springs up on the shelves that surprises. In this case, DARK HORSE COMICS’  Dept. H is posed to be a book that stuns readers. From creators Matt and Sharlene Kindt, Dept. H is an amalgam of awesomeness.

This character-driven noir series will appeal to your senses. It strikes an emotional chord. The introductory issue offers just a morsel of mayhem that is ensured to ensue. It’s just a taste, but it will leave your mouth watering yet thirsting for more.

Dept. H just may be the finest showing of Matt Kindt’s career. There is an unparalleled care in his craftsmanship that argues he is working at the highest level.  His writing and linework is masterful. He’s never been better.


And all due respect to colorists everywhere, but Sherlene Kindt’s watercolors are unlike anything on the shelves right now. She showcases a peerless penchant of otherworldly hues. Her shading is spectacular. Almost surreal. Sheer organic magic.

There is a subtextual story that is brewing within this undersea sci-fi mystery. Like a brilliant noir, this book offers shades of gray. Flashbacks reveal the past and inform the future. With a fresh take on the “Whodunnit” yarn, the Kindts will have you weaving together every story tidbit in this guessing game gallery know as Dept. H #1.



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