Review: Batgirl #48


Team ups are a common occurrence in comics. Heroes and villains join forces all the time. And when team ups are done right, they can be so much fun. And fun has come to define Batgirl as the title has separated itself from the other titles associated with the Bat-family.

Recent events have had Barbara Gordon dealing with the loss of her photographic memory. This has been a strong story thrust as recent times have revealed that Batgirl’s “superpower” is her mind. And as empathic as Barbara has been since Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr took over the title, this is issue proves that Batgirl is riding a wave of all-time awesomeness.

Stewart and Fletcher have crafted some of the most colorful new villains for DC COMICS since Grant Morrison’s Batman run. Here, Batgirl deals with video game criminals. Yes, you read that right. Psychedelic pop culture in its purest form.


The energy and excitement of this issue can be attributed to Tarr. Her art is fun-fluff-perfection. A cotton candy acid trip that engages and evokes Batgirl’s world of millennial surrealism.

Although it is always awesome to see Batgirl and Black Canary team up, the plotline that reveals that the Batgirl’s newest threat comes in a form of a villian that visits her nightmares and actually has the power to erase her memories deserves a nod of recognition. Batgirl #48 is unquestionably part of one of the most ambitious and expertly-crafted Batgirl narratives ever devised. A must-read.



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