Review: Uncanny X-men #1


The Uncanny X-Men have been a fan-favorite fixture over the years. The team’s status quo and mission has changed countless times over the years. And the newest iteration of this team suits the ever-changing landscape of the times.

Cullen Bunn and Greg Land’s Uncanny X-Men #1 showcases a team that will have fans talking. This is a collection of the some of the most intense, violent and internally conflicted characters in the Marvel Universe. It’s a combustible cast.

Bunn’s approach to the first installment of this new series is to throw the reader into the fray. His craft is catered toward plot rather than characterization in this issue. What he does well is to show the team in action while planting ideas that must surely payoff down the road.


Artist Greg Land delivers on what Bunn provides by way of script. Land’s heavy, photo-reference style gives flash to an otherwise opaque and grimy world these characters inhabit. Colorist Jay Leisten visually conveys this idea through his richly layered and textured color palette.

The major selling point of this new book is the inherent potential of the cast of characters. And although this book feels like an X-Force team/narrative, these are the X-Men. Magneto’s X-Men. The X-Men he needs to proactively protect the Mutant Race. And with the newest incarnation, the tone resonates with moral ambiguity, violence and a shade of darkness. Exactly what these X-Men need to get the job done.



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