Review: All New All Different Silver Surfer #1


The phrase “ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT MARVEL” has become indicative of the publisher’s gimmick. The relaunch of numerous titles to take books in new directions, up sales, give new creative teams a shot, and/or in some cases (seemingly) just for the hell of it. But, amongst the hit-or-miss offerings, SILVER SURFER is the standard.

SILVER SURFER was one of Marvel’s most creatively consistent titles prior to SECRET WARS. Dan Slott, Michael Allred and Laura Allred crafted one of the greatest galaxy gallivants in recent memory. They gave readers Dawn Greenwood, too. One of the better constructed new characters in comics.

Slott scripts a solid visual narrative. It is a very friend-family yarn that weaves together the surrealistic power of imagination and memory. Slott has the space faring duo, Silver Surfer and Dawn, return to enjoy the wonder of experience through heart and humor. It is a hallmark of his writing.


Michael Allred’s fanciful pacing is pitch-perfect. His jaw-dropping art is complimented (and completed) by Laura Allred’s eye-popping color palette. This hyper-reality is the stuff astonishing art is made of.

This book is magnificent. Magic. It’s an enjoyable experience that serves as a jumping-on point. It’s a cacophony of character(s) and color that stems from intelligent imaginations. It makes a strong case for itself as Marvel’s best title. Find out why!



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