Review: Super Zero #1


There’s a new comic book publisher shaking the pillars of the industry: AfterShock Comics. The upstart gleans an edgy spirit while producing provocative and professional content. Case in point: Super Zero #1.

Comics about comics are not a novel idea, yet Super Zero is something more. Something you need to experience to understand. Creators and writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Starfire) capture the sheer imagination of the human spirit through their endearing teenage protagonist, Dru Dragowski.

Conner and Palmiotti craft Dru as a recognizable modern girl. It just so happens she’s been bombarded and seeped in pop culture. The way she sees the world, imagines it, and dreams about it is not just a reflection of her pop culture psychology, it’s an utter refraction. It reveals her true nature. And as good as Conner and Palmiotti have been for some time now, this is them at their very best. Ever.


Rafael de Latorre’s art is masterful. It’s gawk-worthy. Although sequences of this book are dialogue-heavy, the art always shines. Colorist Marcelo Maiolo’s hues honors the world Conner and Palmiotti cultivate and the visual narrative de Latorre renders.

The great thing about the way this story is crafted is that it lives up to the issues namesake “Cause & Effect”. It’s relevant. It is an expertly woven yarn. If you’re a fan of comics, a casual reader or looking for a holiday treat for a friend or family member, Super Zero #1 is for you.



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