Review: Harley’s Little Black Book #1


Harley Quinn is at the height of her popularity. So, it’s definitely a good thing that the comic book industry is one of supply and demand. Harley Quinn is featured in numerous books, but the one you should be talk about is Harley’s Little Black Book #1. This bimonthly title has “pull list” written all over it.

Every since DC COMICS handed the keys to Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, Harley Quinn has been a vehicle for  fun(ny) mainstream comics. Harley Quinn has been a fixture in the publisher’s offerings – Monthlies, Annuals, and Specials. Harley has got them all. And she deserves them. Palmiotti and Conner have made sure of it.

In this Brave and the Bold-esque team-up title, Harley Quinn proves her character is so richly-realized that she can stand amongst the most timeless of characters. Here, Harley Quinn teams up with Wonder Woman. You’ll be hard-pressed not to love the dynamic between the characters and coin this team-up of the year.


Besides showcasing the wondrous writing duo Palmiotti and Conner have become, this book has Conner delivering the goods with her illustrations. And John Timms’ help with the interiors must be noted. Paul Mounts and Hi-Fi’s contribution on colors delivers on the concrete-consistency associated with Harley Quinn and the creators involved.

This book is sheer silliness. And that is a sincere compliment. It’s fun. As entertaining a comic that you will find on the shelves. Don’t call this book a “guilty pleasure”. It’s simply a pleasure. So, enjoy!



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