Review: Klaus #1


Grant Morrison’s body of work speaks for itself. He has (re)invented grand mythologies throughout his career.  But now, Morrison undertakes one of the greatest pop culture icons in the history of mankind: Santa Claus.

Boom! Studios proudly presents Klaus, Morrison and Dan Mora’s six-issue mini-series that seems to be a convergence of the legends of Santa Claus. Morrison’s Klaus is setup as an outcast who is chased out of a dreary town that has outlawed toys. This Klaus has to make a personal sacrifice for the innocents of this embittered town.

Morrison showcases his knack for world-building. He paints a picture of Klaus as a primal force. A wild man. A gravel-in-his-belly not-so-gentleman that has embarked on a journey that will lead him to become a symbol. A legend. And ultimately, a hero.


Mora’s art is mystic magnificence. His epic illustrations are grand and graceful. Bold and beautiful. He seamlessly weaves the mundane world with the magic found within. The surrealism of Klaus’ supernatural spiritual awakening is jaw-dropping. Sheer rendered magic.

Klaus #1 is a kaleidoscope of story craft. Morrison and Mora meticulously lay the foundation for a new legend. They humanize one of the folklore’s greatest figures en route to showing us how magic and mythology have always gone hand-in-hand. Morrison and Mora take hold of the reader and show them how and why a beggar with a sense of justice has the potential to be the greatest giver of all.



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