Review: Justice League Darkseid War Batman #1


Geoff Johns’ Justice League has brought back widescreen storytelling to comic book’s biggest superhero team. DC COMICS recognizes that “The Darkseid War” will go down as one of its most epic narratives, so the publisher is set to offer a series of one-shots that will attempt to capture the scope of the game-changing storyline. These one-shots are set to explore members of the League who have been directly affected by Darkseid’s death.

Justice League: The Darkseid War: Batman #1 features the Dark Knight as the God of Knowledge. As he sits upon the Mobius Chair, he finally has the resources to be the Batman Gotham deserves. All-knowing. Consumed with poetic justice. This Batman crosses the finest of lines and his closest allies question his methods. More than ever.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi fires on all cylinders here. He delivers an emotionally-charged story. He cuts to the very core of Batman’s essence. Tomasi’s narrative examines the moral ambiguity of this omniscient Batman. His brilliant dialogue adds gravity to this emotional rollercoaster, while peeling back Batman’s psychological layers.


Artist Fernando Pasarin delivers strong sequentials. His art is atmospheric. He engrains emotion in every panel. Even when rendering Batman as the God of Knowledge, Pasarin maintains Batman’s humanity. It’s a testament to his talent.

A top-notch one-shot. A true self-contained story that elaborates upon Johns’ new Justice League status quo. Tomasi showcases his talents as a great character writer. This book is poignant. As far as Batman narratives go, this is one of the best one-and-done issues in a while. A must-read.




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