Review: Clean Room #1


VERTIGO is in the midst of a renaissance. For a medium that hits the reset button when tedium overtakes its readership, fans of the imprint are in for a rude awakening. A new reality. With a slate of new titles that promise to remind the industry that it’s an innovator of incredible imaginings, VERTIGO will leave you clawing for their new material.

Clean Room is gross greatness. Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt collaborate on a creepy thriller. With just the right amount of Hitchcockian-intrigue, the quality of emotion this series emits and evokes is a disturbing delirium. A dangerous dream that seems to be inspired by a dreary reality.

Simone presents a plausible protagonist – Chloe Pierce – that is sucked into a dark underbelly of a cult-like organization that permeates the public sphere. This malevolent movement is motivated by Astrid Mueller, a mysterious self-help guru. Mueller’s past will grip you and never let go.


Davis-Hunt’s clean style contrasts and intersects with the grit-and-grime of traditional horror-inspired visual narratives. He takes Simone’s script and seamlessly sustains fluidity from one visceral image to the next. His art is cinematic. You’ll feel like you’re watching this story unspool.

Clean Room #1 is utter satisfaction. It’s the type of book the imprint has starved for. This thriller is a terrific terror story. When it’s all said and done, this could easily become Simone’s masterwork.



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