Review: The Twilight Children #1


Every once in a while an unexpected collaboration shakes the pillars of the industry. VERTIGO has often been the playground for tantalizing titles that have pushed the boundaries of the medium. And now, the imprint proudly presents The Twilight Children by Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke and Dave Stewart.

The Twilight Children is eerie, evocative and emotional. A stellar spooky story. It’s just the type the book that has the potential to be a flagship title under VERTIGO’s relaunch. This book brings out the best in each creator.

Hernandez’s writing is razor sharp. He cuts to the core of the story. Never does he allow the story to go off the rails. He seamlessly shifts tone. He laces this drama with surrealism. A spooky sci-fi element permeates from these pages.


Cooke’s beautiful art juxtaposes the serenity of a small sea-side community with that of secrets of its inhabitants. His hyper-animated style is a reflection of reality. The body language and facial expressions he infuses every character with speaks a universal subtextual language. And the soft quality of Stewart’s color palette is the pulse of this book.

The first installment of this book will leave you hoping that Hernandez, Cooke and Stewart have found a home at VERTIGO. In this series, the mundane crashes with the magnificent. This book proves VERTIGO is far from its twilight, and rather, it may just be the dawning of a brighter future.




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