Picks of the Week: 5/1/13


Cyborg 009: Chapter 000

This one-dollar, sneak peak of the forthcoming Cyborg 009 original graphic novel by Archaia is by far one of the must-read titles on the shelves this week. As a modern adaptation, writers F.J. DeSanto and Bradley Cramp re-imagine Shotaro Ishinomori’s beloved, timeless manga series for a new generation without alienating the past. Marcus To’s illustrations and the luscious colors of Ian Herring will astonish. Pick. This. Up. Now.


Animal Man #20

Fiction mirrors reality as we get to see the reminder of Buddy Baker’s starring film Tights, a film last featured way back in issue 6. As the ending of the movie begins to mirror Buddy’s life after the death of Cliff, one phone call can change everything.   


Action Comics #20

This title lives up to its namesake! Tony S. Daniel’s pencils are as sharp and confident as ever as he shares writer credit with Andy Diggle this issue. As Superman battles an enemy of his own creation, Lex Luthor’s role within the NEW 52 crystallizes. This is a fun superhero book worth checking out. Enjoy!


All New X-men #11

As one of the original Kirby era X-men joins up with Cyclops’ Uncanny team, Jean Gray tries to stop it. Can her new found telepathy hold up against the powers of the Stepford Cuckoos sisters?


Superior Spiderman # 9

Everything changes here! Now that Doc Ock knows Peter Parker is hiding in the corners of his mind he takes the fight to him! As Peter and Otto fight for control, only one Spiderman will rise!



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