Green Lantern 2 adding some extra Will Power!?

Appropriately enough, we receive our first leaked information out of the Emerald City Comic Con. Long time friend and collaborator to Nostalgic The Red Lantern sent us some leaked info and an image.

While speaking with a graphic designer who wishes to remain anonymous, Red Lantern found out that this person’s effect company has begun pre production designs on a sequel to Green Lantern. Interestingly enough the artist wasn’t given photo references of Ryan Reynold’s but of blockbuster movie star….

Will Smith!?

This would be a huge move by Warner Bros to rebrand the Green Lantern franchise. With the end of Harry Potter and Twilight this year, Warner’s has a lot riding on their DC properties. Will Smith has had his share of flops, adding him to the franchise doesn’t guarantee success; it is a huge step in gaining a non fanboys and maybe winning back audience members.

They could seal the deal by getting him to do the theme song. WILL POWER! Work in the Oath into the lyrics, obvious classic!



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  1. Tom s. April 2, 2012 at 9:54 PM #

    In the words of Steve Austin.. “oh hell yeah “..
    That’s what I’m talking bout… But just one question how come o can’t find any confirmation on this anywhere..??!

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