Review: Archaia’s Cow Boy: Chapter One

By: Peter J Mellini

Earlier today artist Chris Eliopoulos revealed the first 22 pages of his and writer Nate Cosby’s upcoming Archaia graphic novel Cow Boy.

Cow Boy tells the story of Boyd, a ten year old bounty hunter who is determined to bring in his outlaw family. Boyd rides into the town of and as expected no one in the town takes him seriously due to his age and small stature. This quickly changes when he pulls out his shot gun and shots up the local saloon. The cowboys inside give Boyd what he is looking for but don’t take kindly to be taken by a child. This leaves Boyd with a town full of angry cowboys after him.

These first few pages easily set up the theme of what promises to be an action packed graphic novel. Eliopoulos is channeling Bill Waterson in style and storytelling here. His characters are animated, fun and also gives a sense of serious danger. Eliopoulos’ pages flow like an animated feature keeping the action moving while wasting no panels.

Cosby’s script is tight, funny and really gives you the feeling of your favorite western. Although Boyd is not your typical kid Cosby doesn’t let us forget he is only ten. Moments in the narration where Boyd says he hasn’t been taught math, down to the design of his horse shaped shot gun.

Don’t let the all age friendly look of the artwork fool you into thinking this is a kid’s book, an early review by writer Kurt Busiek described the graphic novel as “If Charles Schulz drew a story by Frank Miller”. From the look of this preview and that Busiek recommendation, it looks like we should be in for a fun, gritty cow boy adventure this March.



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