Review: The Ray # 1

By: Miguel Acedo

Writers Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti join forces with artist Jamal Igle on this surprising four issue miniseries. This book represents what the New 52 was all about: Excitement. The fun and freshness of this fantastical fiction is indicative of DC’s initiative to garner a new audience, so much so that this book should have been part of the relaunch. Yes, this comic is that entertaining.

These creators lean on good old-fashioned comic book enjoyment. The book has no fear of the random or the ridiculous. The humor laced throughout makes the title standout amongst the myriad of darker toned books DC is producing at the moment. One such book is the gritty and brutal All Star Western which just happens to be written by Gray & Palmiotti. This speaks volumes in regards to the versatility of the talented writing duo.

The diversity of this miniseries is also striking in comparison to other DC books in respects to character depictions and geographical location. It is nice to have a Korean American as your protagonist as well as have him based out of San Diego, rather than the archetypical Mid-Western town or a city on the East Coast.

What we get from The Ray is an intelligent and competent lead surrounded by a colorful, yet strong supporting cast. The utilization of narration captions harkens back to many of the classic Golden Age comics by virtue of the book’s tone. The Ray is not dark and brooding. He is positive, centered and sees his powers as a gift, rather than a curse.

A major part of this books liveliness has to be attributed to Igle. His excellent use of physicality to advance and reveal story and character emotion is a treat to behold. This coupled with Guy Major’s colors make the future of this character as bright as it has ever been.



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