Review: Batman Incorporated Leviathan Strikes

By: Miguel Acedo

This stellar, giant-sized one-shot is written by Grant Morrison. Artists Cameron Stewart and Chris Burnham, respectively, illustrate a chapter. With colorist Nathan Fairbairn in the mix, this book is beyond beautifully crafted.  Needless to say, as long as fans have waited for this season finale of Batman Incorporated, it was well worth the wait.

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes! takes place before the events of Flashpoint and the New 52. So for you traditionalists and/or opponents of the DCnU, this is a chance to get in on a little old-school DC fun.

Before the reboot, writer Bryan Q. Miller endeared a new generation to Batgirl (Stephanie Brown, a.k.a The Spoiler) by making her as strong and positive an example of a great female protagonist as anyone could find in mainstream comics. And not only because Morrison carried Brown’s brilliant characterization over to this one-shot can fans see Stephanie Brown shine as Batgirl once more,  but thanks to Morrison’s grand scheme, fans can see her shine as brightly as ever.

Morrison’s strong point has always been his big concepts and meticulous, expansive, multi-layered storylines. Perhaps even more invaluable as a creator is his research. Morrison doesn’t discredit past creators by ignoring certain storylines or events. Rather, as he did with Batman, Morrison embraces divergent eras of any character. In this case, he found a way to interconnect the various, often conflicting characterizations from the 72-year history of Batman’s continual presence in comics, film, television and animation.

The seeds of story have long been planted by Morrison. Story threads go way back to events of Batman & Son, The Black Glove, R.I.P., Final Crisis, Batman and Robin, and The Return of Bruce Wayne, making this a must read for any true Batman fan. And don’t worry if you missed out on this series prior to the one-shot, because Morrison includes bonus materials in the form of the highlighting of important story beats which make the one-shot readable and enjoyable even if you haven’t read the eight previous issues of Batman Incorporated.

This is the set up to Morrison’s last blockbuster Batman story, 2012’s Batman: Leviathan. This is the final, ambitious concluding act of a Batman story that is six years in the making. This is epic storytelling at its finest.



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  1. Detective January 3, 2012 at 12:18 AM #

    My brother has this series ima check it out soon. I got back issues to catch up on