New 52 Review: Stormwatch #1

By: Peter J Mellini

Stormwatch #1 takes one part Authority, adds Martian Manhunter to the mix and the crazy out of the box storytelling of Paul Cornell, making it one of the coolest books to come out of the new DC 52.

The story opens as the team attempts to recruit the “Superman level” member Apollo, who is not interested in becoming a Superhero. Jack Hawksmoor, a man with the ability to control and communicate with cities, explains that Stormwatch isn’t a superhero team but an army of super powered soldiers protecting the Earth from alien threats. In this case a giant transdimensional horn and a sentient moon that absorbs the minds and memories of human beings in an attempt to find how to make the world ‘stronger.’

Artist Miguel Sepulveda gives this book a great look, balancing the Wildstorm influences along with the new look and style of the new DCU. The costume designs help these familiar characters fit into the DCU.

Setting up story treads to his other book, Demon Knight, writer Paul Cornell hints at a long and interesting history for this series. Cornell’s signature off beat characters and talent for telling epic sci-fi stories really makes this one of the most entertaining books out of the new DC 52 so far.



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2 Responses to “New 52 Review: Stormwatch #1”

  1. Jose A September 13, 2011 at 2:24 PM #

    Great review-was a bit skeptical about DC’s relaunch, but like the significance linked to 52 parallel earths in their DC multiverse. Sounds like a good read. Your review lends understanding to the continuity of their character line-up. Looking forward to reviews on new titles. Have enjoyed your reviews before, but also find interesting the new reviews from the other reviewer Miguel. Good addition to your site. Glad to see you are in the San Gabriel Valley. Will drop in on you soon!

  2. A Rodriguez September 13, 2011 at 1:45 PM #

    Peter, thanks for the introduction to the re-launched titles. I am fired up to see the development of the new characters. Your story-telling review gives good lead-up for readers new to the DC comics re-launch. Also, glad to see this site is picking up on content between your reviews and the recent reviews from Miguel. I visit lots of comic sites and will add this to my favorites.