Review: The Multiversity #1

No one has ever embraced the surrealism of superheroes quite like Grant Morrison. His mind-bending, soul-stirring stories have impacted readers for generations. His narratives defy explanation. They are simply required experiences. More than any creator before him, Morrison has dug far deeper into the psychology of Batman and most notably his rogue’s gallery as evidenced [...]

Review: Batman Eternal #19

  Batman Eternal has hit its stride. Another incredible installment to the wonderful weekly series. This is another character-driven issue that pushes the plot into intriguing new territory. Brilliance is brewing and begging to be noticed. With more than a quarter into the series, Batman Eternal #19 is perhaps the best mainstream superhero comic book [...]

Review: Moon Knight #6

  A single chance is all one gets. To make a first impression. To capture an imagination. To indelibly etch a notion or feeling that will forever linger with another.  Few creators rise to the challenge of ending a run on a book in a poignant manner. For Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, and Jordie Bellaire [...]

Review: Justice League #32

Justice League is a blockbuster book. Writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke collaborate on what could easily be adapted into a Hollywood popcorn flick of epic proportions. Big time talent on big time characters. Forever Evil shifted this title into uncharted territories. The focus on Lex Luthor is fascinating. The use of Captain Cold, [...]

Review: Secret Origins #4

Secret Origins #4 is without a doubt the most explosive installment to date of this origin anthology. It is the brilliant coalescence of the grand mosaic that makes the DC UNIVERSE the greatest and most expansive fictional universe ever created. A handful of talented creators examine the New 52 under a lens which magnifies and [...]

Review: Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con

Every so often a one-shot is published that reaffirms one’s love for the short form, self-contained sequential storytelling. The medium’s obsession with multiple issue story arcs makes standalone narratives a welcomed experience. For those reasons, perhaps the most enjoyable one-shot published this year is Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego #1. Amanda Conner and [...]