Review: Annihilator #1

Unapologetic artistic expression has always been a hallmark of Grant Morrison’s grand works of fantastic fiction. Morrison’s ideas are always infectious, intelligent and insightful. His concepts are so contagious that they spread and buzz and breathe with sentient sentiments that sprawl across the spectrum of your imagination. Annihilator is Morrison’s newest mind-bending mini-series of mayhem, [...]

Review: Grayson Future’s End #1

It’s September. If you’re familiar with DC COMICS you know this is the month the publisher gives readers a final summer event. It has become a welcomed tradition. In its annual commemoration of the NEW 52, DC COMICS has fast-forwarded every title five years to line up with their wondrous weekly series, Futures End. Grayson: [...]

Review: Batman Eternal #21

A weekly comic book series is a massive undertaking. For creators and readers alike, investment and execution is paramount. The task of making every issue progress story and develop character while dually engrossing an audience enough to not only sustain but build readership with each passing week is a benchmark. Batman Eternal #21 has the [...]

Review: The Multiversity #1

No one has ever embraced the surrealism of superheroes quite like Grant Morrison. His mind-bending, soul-stirring stories have impacted readers for generations. His narratives defy explanation. They are simply required experiences. More than any creator before him, Morrison has dug far deeper into the psychology of Batman and most notably his rogue’s gallery as evidenced [...]

Review: Batman Eternal #19

  Batman Eternal has hit its stride. Another incredible installment to the wonderful weekly series. This is another character-driven issue that pushes the plot into intriguing new territory. Brilliance is brewing and begging to be noticed. With more than a quarter into the series, Batman Eternal #19 is perhaps the best mainstream superhero comic book [...]

Review: Moon Knight #6

  A single chance is all one gets. To make a first impression. To capture an imagination. To indelibly etch a notion or feeling that will forever linger with another.  Few creators rise to the challenge of ending a run on a book in a poignant manner. For Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, and Jordie Bellaire [...]