Review: The Multiversity: The Just #1

Grant Morrison continues his career-defining series – The Multiversity. His ultimate love letter to the greatest fictional universe in existence is a poetic powerhouse. As the most prolific comic book writer of the last three decades, Morrison has made this series a culmination of the extensive body of work at DC COMICS. The Multiversity: The [...]

Review: Justice League #35

The next arc of Geoff Johns’ Justice League is here: “The Amazo Virus.”  This prologue to Johns’ highly-anticipated storyline has been building for months.  Spinning out of the events of Forever Evil which saw Lex Luthor emerge as a questionable hero, this issue dually feels like a culmination and the beginning of a sprawling saga. [...]

Review: Wytches #1

The greatest stories are personal narratives. Tales that haunt the psyche. This is something Scott Snyder has understood throughout his writing career. His worlds, his characters, his creations are deeply rooted in personal premises and promises that peer at him from his past. And from that, Wycthes was born. Along with the incomparable Jock, Snyder [...]

Review: Grayson #3

Grayson may have just set the standard for storytelling in the NEW 52. The title which was heavily criticized by unwelcoming fans that fear their favorite characters evolving and developing is en route to becoming the most consistent comic book DC COMICS publishes both in terms of writing and art. This is a narrative that [...]

Halloween ComicFest 2014

  Come on down to Nostalgic and celebrate the Halloween season! Starting Saturday Oct. 25 and going til Oct. 31st Nostalgic will be hosting an all ages Halloween event, all horror themed merchandise (comics, graphic novels, toys, etc..) will be 31% off! Everyone who comes into the shop in Costume can be entered into our [...]

Review: Harley Quinn Futures End #1

From the lot of the FUTURES END one-shots, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Chad Hardin’s Harley Quinn: Futures End #1 is perhaps the most naturalistic and closest to the tone of its monthly title. This story fits perfectly into the mold of the regular series and is a welcomed installment to what has been a [...]