Review: Ei8HT #1

Dark Horse may have a certifiable hit on their hands. Ei8ht is a five-issue Action/Adventure miniseries firmly rooted in Science Fiction and it just may be the book that will have the industry abuzz.  This is fantastic fiction at its finest. This series is steered by two high profile creators: Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson. [...]

Review: Nameless #1

Throughout its existence, IMAGE COMICS has afforded creators with rare opportunities to challenge and redefine the medium through truly original visual narratives. Some of the industry’s biggest names have made it a point to team up with the publisher and produce personal works they can be proud of. And now, the independent imprint presents Nameless [...]

Review: The Multiversity Guidebook

Grant Morrison and a stable of amazing artists deliver The Multiversity Guidebook #1 – the breathtaking exploration of the most diverse and expansive universe in all of fiction. Billed as the greatest adventure in DC’s history, this 80-page mammoth makes a strong case. The Multiversity has been a stellar series. The seemingly standalone format of [...]

Review: Twilight Zone Shadow and Substance #1

  It’s safe to say Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone has impacted generations of storytellers as few television programs have before and since its creation. For a series seeped in thought-provoking and emotionally enriching imagination, Twilight Zone was most effective at revealing the human condition. Now, more than ever, Rod Serling’s legacy if felt in the [...]