Review: DC Comics Convergence #6

The current issue of Convergence is the embodiment of the potential fans anticipated from this series’ onset. It is a reminder of Our Universe – the New 52 – and its role in the grand scheme of things. And all the cameos are worth the cover price and more. When a planet pushes itself into [...]

Review: DC Convergence #5

Jeff King keeps throwing creative curveballs. After the epic conclusion of the last issue, Convergence #5 offers the origin of Telos, revealing that the omnipotent sentient being is not who or what he was led to believe. And it has repercussions. Just as you stand firm in your understanding of where the story is going, [...]

Review: DC Convergence #4

Major events are all about scope and scale, but few ever scratch the surface to reveal character depth. That is the success of Convergence. The emotionally-engaging cast of characters juxtaposes the vacancy of humanity found within Telos. Dick Grayson emerges as pivotal character in Convergence #4. After a bullet shatters his spine, Telos provides Grayson [...]

Review: DC Comics Convergence #3

What a difference a week makes. This especially holds true for DC COMICS’ weekly mega event Convergence. With the newest installment, writer Jeff King seems to have hit his stride. The newcomer is well on his way to making a name for himself in the comic book industry. Perhaps it’s the revelation that the characters [...]

Review: DC Comics Convergence #2

Continuity is always a touchy topic. Fandom can be outrageously opinioned. So, for the critics of continuity-changing events that promise to amend the status quo, tough luck. That’s the world we live in. Life is about change. And change is in evitable. Why shouldn’t comics reflect that? Convergence treads familiar territory. It mirrors countless crisis-driven [...]

Review: Convergence #1

DC COMICS’ bread and butter has always been major, time-and-space crisis events. Convergence follows that tradition and finds its roots in publisher-defining stories such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, and Flashpoint. And publisher’s newest weekly mega-event is off to a stellar start. This series promises to surprise as it offers a [...]