Review: The Multiversity PAX Americana #1

Mind-melting-madness of the highest creative order is one way to describe what Grant Morrison is delivering with his career-refining series: The Multiversity. With the most current issue, Pax Americana #1, Morrison is joined by Frank Quitely. And for those who live under a rock, this issue is indicative of the creative magic only the joint [...]

Review: Batgirl #36

Batgirl is a modern pop culture classic. The creative energy that has been infused into the series has given the title character a new lease on life. It is a rip-roaring, hip character-driven comic series that is making a strong case for itself as the most endearing and engaging superhero title currently published at DC [...]

Parking Situation!!

Due to a major screw up by the San Gabriel City Engineer parking in front of the store will limited or at times completely blocked Tuesday – Friday from 7 a.m. till 5pm for the next few weeks due to street repaving on Fairview. City officials and the foreman of the job have informed me [...]

Review: Grayson #4

  Grayson continues to be a revelation. A straight-laced, emotion-laden Action/Adventure spy series.  Writers Tim Seeley and Tom King continue to allow Dick Grayson to develop as character while harkening back to the jovial nature inherent in the character’s storied existence. And for that reason, Grayson #4 is a real treat. The life of a [...]

Review: Swamp Thing Annual #3

Charles Soule has etched his name amongst the talented creators that have contributed to the annals of Swamp Thing lore. Soule’s run on the title has been building to Swamp Thing Annual #3 and this book is a true treat for those who have had the privilege of being along for the ride. Soule’s Capucine [...]