Review: Secret Origins #4

Secret Origins #4 is without a doubt the most explosive installment to date of this origin anthology. It is the brilliant coalescence of the grand mosaic that makes the DC UNIVERSE the greatest and most expansive fictional universe ever created. A handful of talented creators examine the New 52 under a lens which magnifies and [...]

Review: Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con

Every so often a one-shot is published that reaffirms one’s love for the short form, self-contained sequential storytelling. The medium’s obsession with multiple issue story arcs makes standalone narratives a welcomed experience. For those reasons, perhaps the most enjoyable one-shot published this year is Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego #1. Amanda Conner and [...]

Review: Grayson #1

Dick Grayson. Less than a year shy of his 75th anniversary, the beloved character has embarked on the next chapter of his colorful career. In a sense, Grayson is without a doubt the most developed character the mainstream comic book medium has ever produced. It’s so rare to see a character grow, age and change, [...]

Review Moon Knight #5

Moon Knight. A character with a diehard, cult following that for one reason or another has struggled to maintain a consistent on-going series. Many creators have tried to establish, develop and elevate Moon Knight to the heights reserved for top-tier characters. But few have the talent to deliver on their confidence. Enter Warren Ellis. Ellis [...]

Review: Superman #32

  Superman is known by many as the Man of Tomorrow.  A beacon of hope and a promise of the future. For some time now, Superman has suffered as title. Unimaginative, plodding narratives that harkened back to the worst of yesteryear had been the order of the day for this book since its NEW 52 [...]

Review: Batman Eternal #11

Batman Eternal is an ever-intensifying narrative.  Expansive in scope and scale, the story isn’t confined to Gotham nor the title character. This week’s Batman Eternal #11 expertly weaves four plotlines to construct what is without question the best written and illustrated issue this weekly yarn has presented thus far. Tim Seeley surprises. He scripts a [...]