Review: Batman Europa #1

What’s a more intriguing team-up than Batman and the Joker? How about Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee? The good news: We get both team-ups with the highly-anticipated debut of Batman: Europa, DC COMICS’ four-issue epic-to-be. This book features a promising premise. It pulses with potential. Batman tracks the person responsible for infecting him with a […]

Review: Klaus #1

Grant Morrison’s body of work speaks for itself. He has (re)invented grand mythologies throughout his career.  But now, Morrison undertakes one of the greatest pop culture icons in the history of mankind: Santa Claus. Boom! Studios proudly presents Klaus, Morrison and Dan Mora’s six-issue mini-series that seems to be a convergence of the legends of […]

Review: Superman American Alien #1

Most iconic comic book characters have been reimagined in one form or another. Superman, the industry’s first great superhero, is no exception. In Superman’s case, unique voices have redefined the Man of Steel only to reveal how timeless the character is. Enter: Max Landis. Landis made a splash in Hollywood as the screenwriter of Chronicle […]

Review: Clean Room #1

VERTIGO is in the midst of a renaissance. For a medium that hits the reset button when tedium overtakes its readership, fans of the imprint are in for a rude awakening. A new reality. With a slate of new titles that promise to remind the industry that it’s an innovator of incredible imaginings, VERTIGO will […]

Review: Justice League Darkseid War Batman #1

Geoff Johns’ Justice League has brought back widescreen storytelling to comic book’s biggest superhero team. DC COMICS recognizes that “The Darkseid War” will go down as one of its most epic narratives, so the publisher is set to offer a series of one-shots that will attempt to capture the scope of the game-changing storyline. These […]

Review: The Twilight Children #1

Every once in a while an unexpected collaboration shakes the pillars of the industry. VERTIGO has often been the playground for tantalizing titles that have pushed the boundaries of the medium. And now, the imprint proudly presents The Twilight Children by Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke and Dave Stewart. The Twilight Children is eerie, evocative and […]