Review: Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1

‘Tis the season. For family. For friends. For memories. And, Holidays Specials! DC COMICS has always treated readers to Holiday-themed books.  And this season,  Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1, is the proud publisher’s gift. Joy to the world! Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti script three nutty, adorable and touching stories. The first story, illustrated by [...]

Gift Cards!

  Not sure what to get that fanboy or fangirl on your holiday shopping list? With new merchandise every week, including comics, graphic novels, action figures, trade paperbacks, and other collectibles, a Nostalgic gift card makes the perfect present. You can purchase them in any amount you’d like and they never expire or lose value.

Review: Grayson #5

  Grayson is something else. The character-driven series transcends expectations. It is difficult to deny that the title isn’t amongst the upper echelon of extraordinary titles DC COMICS publishes. From its writing to its artwork, Grayson is on the shortlist for best new series of the year and the current issue proves why. Grayson #5 [...]

Review: Gotham By Midnight #1

Occasionally, publishers of mainstream superhero comics take bold steps and invest in a series that stands out amongst the myriad of similar titles that comprise the market. In a world where popular characters teeter on the brink of over-saturation, it takes a creative team with vision to deliver a refreshing angle on something tried and [...]

Review: The Multiversity PAX Americana #1

Mind-melting-madness of the highest creative order is one way to describe what Grant Morrison is delivering with his career-refining series: The Multiversity. With the most current issue, Pax Americana #1, Morrison is joined by Frank Quitely. And for those who live under a rock, this issue is indicative of the creative magic only the joint [...]