Review: Batman Eternal #1

How does DC COMICS honor Batman and his fans in his 75th year? With a new highly-anticipated weekly series – Batman Eternal – featuring the talents of some of the biggest names in the industry. Writers Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, John Layman, and Tim Seeley are joined by artist Jason Fabok for [...]

Review: Trillium #8

Trillium has reached its end. And with that, Jeff Lemire has left no doubt that he just may be the premier visual storyteller in all of comics. With intimate character-driven, emotionally-evocative books like Essex County, Lost Dogs, The Nobody, Sweet Tooth, and The Underwater Welder, Lemire makes a strong case for himself as this generation’s [...]

Review: Silver Surfer #1

  Are you in the mood for an epic Sci-fi narrative? How long as it been since you’ve enjoyed a series that wholeheartedly embraces its idiosyncrasies rather than succumb to the parody game that floods marketplace demands? MARVEL NOW! has just the book for you – Silver Surfer #1. Spearheaded by writer Dan Slott and [...]

Review: Animal Man #29

There is a myriad of opinions regarding the New 52 and the many characters which were elevated into the forefront of DC COMICS’ brave new world. Nevertheless, the one thing any lover of great storytelling must admit is that Animal Man may just be the rarest gem to shine and standout throughout the publisher’s ambitious [...]

Review: Nightwing #29

In world of ever-shifting creative teams, it is not often a writer is afforded the opportunity to conclude their run on any particular title on their own terms. And it is a much rarer occurrence for a writer to possess the ability to bring their run to as satisfying an ending as Kyle Higgins’ NIGHTWING [...]