Review: Justice League Gods and Monsters #1

DC COMICS has done a favorable job producing companion pieces for their newest buzz-worthy animated feature, Justice League: Gods and Monsters. To accompany the solid one-shot prequels which featured Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, respectively, the publisher has released the first installment of a Justice League: Gods and Monsters mini-series. Whereas the one-shots delved into [...]

Review: Justice League Gods and Monsters: Superman #1

The second companion piece to the DC Universe animated adventure Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a must-read for every Superman fan. Justice League: Gods and Monsters – Superman #1 provides an intelligent character study. It is a compelling adaptation of comics’ first, biggest and most enduring superstar. Bruce Timm and J.M. DeMatteis collaborate on [...]

Review: Justice League Gods and Monsters Batman #1

If DC does one thing as well as producing comics it’s animation. The publisher has spearheaded countless solid direct-to-DVD animated feature films. Many of these features have been adaptations of timeless tales, but the newest production, Justice League: Gods and Monsters, is an original narrative. Justice League: Gods and Monsters serves as Bruce Timm’s glorious [...]

Review: Black Canary #2

DC YOU has honored diversity in mainstream comics. The publisher’s new initiative has produced exciting titles that are the cream of the crop in regards to the newest books on the shelves industry-wide. Black Canary is the definition of cream. The title has risen to the top. Writer Brenden Fletcher and artist Annie Wu have [...]

Review: Archie #1

Change is good. And change has come to Riverdale and America’s favorite teens. The youths generations of readers have grown up with are back in an all-new ongoing series that dually pays homage to the past and paves the way to a brighter future. Writer Mark Waid and artist Fiona Staples comprise the creative (super) [...]