Review: Batgirl #48

Team ups are a common occurrence in comics. Heroes and villains join forces all the time. And when team ups are done right, they can be so much fun. And fun has come to define Batgirl as the title has separated itself from the other titles associated with the Bat-family. Recent events have had Barbara […]

Review: Grayson #16

In mainstream comics, stories are often dubbed as “character re-defining” or “game-changers”. And not every character or creator warrants a big story. But in the hands of careful craftsmen, a character and their respective journey can drive a story to the point of it snowballing into something special. Sixteen glorious issues in and Grayson is […]

Review: All New All Different Silver Surfer #1

The phrase “ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT MARVEL” has become indicative of the publisher’s gimmick. The relaunch of numerous titles to take books in new directions, up sales, give new creative teams a shot, and/or in some cases (seemingly) just for the hell of it. But, amongst the hit-or-miss offerings, SILVER SURFER is the standard. SILVER […]

Review: Superman American Alien #3

Max Landis’ Superman: American Alien is one of the best things to have happened to the title character in years. Landis’ Superman echoes the countless interpretations that have melded together to embody the essence of Superman. This installment of the stellar miniseries thrives on character. And Landis isn’t afraid to explore character in such a […]

Review: Uncanny X-men #1

The Uncanny X-Men have been a fan-favorite fixture over the years. The team’s status quo and mission has changed countless times over the years. And the newest iteration of this team suits the ever-changing landscape of the times. Cullen Bunn and Greg Land’s Uncanny X-Men #1 showcases a team that will have fans talking. This […]

Review: Justice League #47

Justice League has been the definition of a big book. The title has gravity. The ongoing is substantial. Geoff Johns has made a career out of being one of the best character writers in the industry. And Justice League #47 will remind you why. “Darkseid War” showcases exactly how Johns has mastered balancing nuanced narratives […]