Review: Prez #1

Every once in a while a mainstream comic book series stays true to its roots while simultaneously unearthing a social commentary that deserves discourse. And as the DC YOU ventures to verify a vicissitude that may one day occur, the publisher’s newest satire, Prez, explores what could happen if corporations continue to control society in [...]

Review: Starfire #1

The New DC Universe – DC YOU – has a resident dynamic duo: Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. The pairing has proven fruitful as it has produced one of the most fun mainstream titles in all of comics – Harley Quinn. And now, Conner and Palmiotti spearhead the highly-anticipated, all-new ongoing series, Starfire. The orange-skinned [...]

Review: Omega Men #1

DC COMICS ushers in its newest initiative, the New DC Universe – DC YOU.  And the barrage of new books slated to showcase its unrivaled collection of characters is ambitious. Bold new narratives seem to be the order of the day and Omega Men #1 is the (re)definition of cosmic creativity. Writer Tom King and [...]

Review: DC’s Convergence #8

Convergence #8 is the epitome of all well-crafted, long form narratives. It proves storytelling is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Whereas some would say this series started slow, the truth is it paced itself. The last few issues hit a solid stride. And with the end insight, Convergence finished strong. And perhaps, for [...]

Review: DC Convergence #7

The penultimate issue of DC’s mega event, Convergence, has reached a fever pitch. The tension is taut.  And as the series smolders toward its finale, the potential is more than promising. It flirts with a fitting ending for series that have grown more impressive with every subsequent installment. Convergence #7 reads at a breakneck pace. [...]