Review: DC Comics Convergence #2

Continuity is always a touchy topic. Fandom can be outrageously opinioned. So, for the critics of continuity-changing events that promise to amend the status quo, tough luck. That’s the world we live in. Life is about change. And change is in evitable. Why shouldn’t comics reflect that? Convergence treads familiar territory. It mirrors countless crisis-driven [...]

Review: Convergence #1

DC COMICS’ bread and butter has always been major, time-and-space crisis events. Convergence follows that tradition and finds its roots in publisher-defining stories such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, and Flashpoint. And publisher’s newest weekly mega-event is off to a stellar start. This series promises to surprise as it offers a [...]

Review: Convergence #0

The DC Universe has a storied existence. Generations of fans have been treated to extraordinary eras that more than linger in the collective consciousness. DC COMICS has presented countless ambitious and timeless narratives but they may all pale in comparison to the publisher’s blockbuster event – Convergence. DC COMICS has embraced and woven the theoretical [...]

Review: The Multiversity Ultra Comics #1

The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 is a marquee of madness. Grant Morrison has concocted a trap in which comic book pulp fiction serves as a doorway into unsuspecting minds. Yeah, you read that right. And guess what? This comic will literally speak to you. This issue of the critically-acclaimed mini-series unleashes a haunted comic upon [...]

Review: The Fly Outbreak #1

Be afraid. Be very afraid. That tagline is synonymous with David Cronenberg’s Science Fiction/Horror masterpiece The Fly (1986). And 1989’s sequel, The Fly II introduced us to the almost-human son of “The Fly”. And now, in 2015, IDW proudly presents The Fly: Outbreak. Writer Brandon Seifert scripts a five-issue miniseries that picks up where the [...]

Review: Bill and Ted’s Most Triumph Return #1

Not every film character deserves to be immortalized. Some rarely reach cult status. And then there is Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan who have literally become timeless. They represent a generation. They represent the unwavering adulation of the awesomeness that comes with being young and believing in a dream bigger than oneself. [...]